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The PostureT is not a restriction, it’s a reminder. When you wear the PostureT-shirt and maintain good posture, you won’t feel a thing. If you wear it, and start to slouch, you’ll feel a gentle reminder to keep your shoulders back and thereby keep good posture.

The American Chiropractic Association says one of the ways to prevent back pain is to maintain proper posture . I realized that my back pain was worse, especially when I was sitting, working long hours at my office, because of my poor posture. Normally, we don’t consciously maintain normal posture; our muscles do it for us. For me, like for many of us, it was a tedious task to try to keep reminding myself to sit up straight. With all of the other things going on in my life like work, family and friends, I found it increasingly difficult to do that. That’s when I decided to create a subtle reminder for myself: The PostureT TM.


The PostureT TM, unlike other posture t-shirts, is a comfortable way to train your mind and body to maintain good posture. With all of these other t-shirts on the market which were tight, constricting and a hassle to wear, I needed something different. I needed something that I wouldn’t notice and a fit that I was used to. The PostureT TM provided me with everything that I needed and more.

This shirt is not a restriction, it’s a reminder.

Made out of cotton, it’s light, comfortable and lets your skin breathe. The PostureT TM is handmade and still machine washable. It feels just as natural as the undershirts that I normally used to wear to work, only it’s better, because it provides me with a simple reminder that I should be sitting up straight at all times. After only a few days, I noticed a considerable improvement in my posture and my back pain and I wanted to share my discovery with everyone!

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